Asesoramiento Personalizado

Solo tú sabes por qué quieres estudiar en el extranjero y qué quieres encontrar al otro lado del mundo. Qué te gustaría estudiar, cuáles son tus objetivos personales y profesionales o en qué tipo de ciudad te gustaría vivir. Por eso, como no hay dos personas iguales, nunca damos dos respuestas iguales: damos respuestas personalizadas.

About Me

About Me

Pamela García has a Business and investment Degree and is currently doing a diploma in hospitality and Tourism in Toronto, Canada.

Pamela began her interest in the tourism industry since she first left Mexico to study a year abroad in Alberta, Canada. Her love for the country grew since then. She also lived 6 months as an Au pair in France and is starting her Co-op in Hospitality and Tourism in Toronto School of Management.

Pamela is joining the team of LET to continue her journey of a traveler by creating connections and helping people that are doing the same exchanges she once did. She hopes to help students/travelers enjoy more these amazing new experiences.

Facebook: Pamela Garcia Calzada
Instagram: Pamgclz4
Twitter: PamGclz